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Everyone faces a crisis at some time or another. When you call PARSEC Group you get Direct Connect to Experts each and every time. Readily available expertise is our commitment to our OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, Oracle Solaris, Linux (Red Hat and SUSE) and Microsoft Windows clients.

PARSEC Group is available 24 x 7 to help resolve issues related to the oldest versions up through the latest versions of all major operating systems. Our technical consultants have an average of 35+ years' worth of real-world experience which benefit our clients because they can resolve their issues on the first call with the least amount of down time.

Our Phone Support can be customized for each and every system within your infrastructure, regardless of the operating system. There may be systems that only require Monday through Friday, 9x5 Business Hours with 4 hour response time, while other systems are Mission Critical and require 24x7 coverage with 1 or 2 hour response times. PARSEC Group will review your environment to associate the proper support coverage and assist with containing the overall support costs.

I just wanted to let you know of the outstanding work [the technician] has done for us recently.

One evening a few weeks ago, we rebooted and the system failed to come up. So I called Parsec. [The technician], was out to dinner with his wife, and yet was able to talk me through a few things over the phone. When he saw that something especially strange was going on, he drove home and we were able to bring the system up. I understand it was a particularly tricky fix that he had me implement.

More recently, I am working with a rather knowledgeable OpenVMS admin who saw the repairs [the technician] had me implement on our boot drive. I suggested that he and [the technician] get in touch. [The technician] worked with him to explain what had been done, and to confer on further repair actions.

I just thought I’d give praise where praise was due. [The technician] has gone out of his way to be especially helpful.

Steve, IT Admin for a health services company

Operating System Specific Information

For OS-specific information on phone support, please select an OS below:

PARSEC Phone Support Advantages

Our AIX, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, IRIX, Linux and OpenVMS Support technicians are ready to take your call, 24x7x365.
Advantage 1: Responsiveness
  • Support is available 24x7
  • Direct Connect to Experts by live operators eliminates speaking to level 1 and level 2 support personnel
  • Service level agreements are flexible to meet your needs
  • Escalating is simple - just ask
Advantage 2: Direct Connect to Experts
  • Experts have an average of 35+ years experience
  • Our expert technical consultants are readily available to spare you the all-too-common call escalation nightmare
  • Technical consultants provide support and teach training classes, delivering excellent communication and real-world experience to each support call
Advantage 3: Comprehensive Call-Tracking System
  • The complete support call history is captured, eliminating the need for you to describe the same issue repeatedly
  • Regular updates are provided until the issue is resolved
  • Thorough documenting, tracking, monitoring and reporting are issued for each call
  • Our tracking system allows for flexibility of reporting and updating issues via email, phone and on-line

I would like to personally offer up some glowing praises for [the technician]. She was not only as knowledgeable as I could possibly ask for, but also had great customer service skills and a very friendly and understanding attitude. If I can pile any more praise on her, please let me know, I will be happy to go out of my way to do so.

Jason H. IT Analyst in the Manufacturing Industry
Advantage 4: Additional Support Tools
  • PARSEC Group proprietary Online System Manager© software is a powerful and proven tool enabling proactive system management, maintenance and exception-based responsiveness
  • Remote System Monitoring is a scheduled customizable plan allowing PARSEC Group to manage your systems remotely. Performance, security and day-to-day operations can be easily managed using VPN or a secure remote access.
Advantage 5: Flexible Communication Methods
Advantage 6: Open Source Patches
  • In many cases, PARSEC can produce patches for security or functionality issues with very specific versions of our supported OS list.
  • Vendors typically stop producing patches, even for critical issues, for end-of-life operating systems as a cost savings measure. In many cases, if the affected software is open source, PARSEC can build and provide updated images from the latest version of the open source code which includes the current patches.
  • Patches are tested internally by PARSEC before release, and are provided in OS native format, exactly like you'd expect from the OEM.

Masters Education Program

PARSEC Group offers online technical seminars once a month with a duration of 2 to 4 hours. The topics will vary between being operating system specific to operating system independent. Each session is at No Charge for our current contracted support customers. For individuals not currently under contract who wish to attend, the cost is $400. For more information and to view our currently scheduled seminars, visit the Masters Education Program page.

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