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Who We Are

PARSEC Group is a US based, full-service IT consulting, training and support company for all major operating systems.

Since 1986, PARSEC Group has been providing world class services to hundreds of consulting clients and has trained tens of thousands of technical professionals worldwide.

By supporting multiple operating systems, we support those issues that arise when having the systems work together. PARSEC Group solves the whole issue. When PARSEC Group supports your computing infrastructure, finger pointing is eliminated.

Our Trainers Consult…
Our Consultants Train.

What We Do

  • Operating System Support
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • System Management and Monitoring
  • Security
  • Device Driver Development

Ruby Programming Language Training and Consulting

Ruby is an object-oriented, dynamic, reflective and general-purpose programming language and is one of the top four programming language skills sought by employers.

We are offering a unique class Ruby Immersion that focuses on the programming language only. Our main goal is to teach the Ruby Programming Language, at an in-depth level in the context of useful, real-world problems and solutions and meaningful team coding experiences that you can take back to your job and projects. Ruby Immersion will help transform the novice coder into a World Class Beginner in the software development profession. The first class offers a special introductory price so check it out!

In keeping with PARSEC Group’s company motto that "Our trainers consult... our consultants train", be assured that this also applies to our Ruby Consulting Services. Our consulting services are custom tailored to meet your needs and environment.

Our Technical Consultants have expertise in over thirty (30) different programming languages, Ruby being only one of the latest, with deep involvement since 2006. We have an average of 28+ years of experience and involvement in software development and have held leadership roles in modern, agile-based development teams.

If you are looking for help with Ruby scripting or porting and migrating of Ruby applications you have come to the right place!