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System Monitoring

PARSEC's OpenVMS, AIX, Oracle Solaris, IRIX, Linux, Microsoft and Tru64 support can be coupled with monitoring solutions to ensure maximum uptime for your environment.

We know how important proactive system monitoring is to an environment’s health. PARSEC offers two monitoring options which will make all the difference in managing your environment:

OSM allows system administrators to automatically monitor hardware, software, resource, performance, security and user-defined events that represent potential system failures. OSM is fully configurable to allow the user to control where to send event information, who to contact, what events are priorities and/or critical, how to fix them, and much more.

RSM is a scheduled planned service that allows PARSEC to remotely monitor the health of your system(s). Performance, security, and day-to-day operations are customized to your needs and monitored by our seasoned senior-level consultants.

Management-by-exception saves time and headaches while increasing system control.