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Support Services

We want to be part of your operational success.

Our mission is to guide you to the right service by listening to your concerns and discussing a solution.

Phone Support

Our AIX, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, IRIX, Linux and OpenVMS Support technicians are ready to take your call, 24x7x365.

Contacting us for support is simple and eliminates frustrating phone menus and annoying escalation levels. Our team will talk to any skill level on your team with answers they can understand. We are available anytime from anywhere and we have the know-how for simple to complex multi-vendor environments. Learn more and get a quote to put your SLA in place.


Managed Services

Do you need a comprehensive system administration package to fill vacancies that will save you time and overhead expenses?

Do you need management and analysis of your patches?

Can we host your OS environment?

We have the tools and resources that can make your IT department run effortlessly. Contact us to take advantage of the savings with PARSEC's managed services.

System Monitoring

PARSEC's OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Linux, Microsoft and IRIX support can be coupled with monitoring solutions to ensure maximum uptime for your environment.

If you are looking for a more hands off approach, our proprietary system monitoring tools are a great way to proactively manage your systems. System Monitoring is always looking for system exceptions and delivers notices for your team or ours to correct. Explore our RSM and OSM pages to learn more about proactive monitoring for your environment.

Hardware Support

Our OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, IRIX, Linux and AIX support technicians can assist you with locating a failing piece of hardware and recommend the correct FRU to replace.

Have you ever had the problem of too many vendors for your IT department and trying to decide who to call first? Along with our Strategic Partners, we make that problem go away. One call to PARSEC and we take care of the details for supporting your hardware and software issues together. We can also provide you with quotes to obtain new or refurbished hardware - One Stop Shopping at its best!