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Operating System Upgrade

Operating system expertise is PARSEC's specialty

For operating systems beyond their vendor lifespan or in complex situations where time and stability matter, upgrading can be a challenge. Even for very old or rare systems, PARSEC consultants can assist with getting your server(s) updated, patched, and into a well maintained state.

  • We've seen the pitfalls of customers' botched upgrades. We can help you avoid the drama with our thousands of hours of experience.
  • We'll apprise you of the risks and benefits associated with your upgrade.
  • We’ll form a plan to mitigate uncertainty and prevent data loss during your upgrade.
  • We will collaborate with you in pre-upgrade activities such as backups, system image creation, or provisioning virtual machines.
  • We can simulate or model your upgrade before it goes to your production environment so you can plan and identify data risks before they bite.
  • If you need a back-out plan, we can collaborate with you to form the fastest and most effective strategy.

Bottom line is that we'll make your OS upgrade as painless as possible.

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