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OpenVMS Support

Our Support Value

The PARSEC Group offers experienced 3rd party support for HP™ and VMS Software, Inc™ OpenVMS©. We cover versions 5.x to the very latest release. We have VAX systems available with VMS V5.5-2 and later, Alpha systems with OpenVMS V6.2 and later, and Integrity Servers with OpenVMS V8.2 and later. With these systems we are able to reproduce most customer environments to help solve the most complicated issues.

Customers trust the OpenVMS operating system but HP and VMS Software, Inc. don’t make support available for the older versions. Even for the more current versions, their support doesn't include support from engineering, so patches are no longer being developed for them.

Did you know...

HP's support of OpenVMS V6.2.x, V7.3-2, V8.3 and V8.4 for Alpha systems entered Mature Product Support without Sustaining Engineering on Jan 1st, 2017

The future of OpenVMS is bright with VMS Software, Inc. continuing to develop OpenVMS on Alpha, Integrity and X86

PARSEC Group supports ALL versions of OpenVMS for each of the supported architectures

So, why continue to pay expensive OpenVMS software maintenance costs for support from the vendor?

At PARSEC we resolve cases for OpenVMS with impressive regularity, and continue to support versions considered end-of-support from the vendor, all at a lower cost than the vendor. Clients with VAX, Alpha and Integrity servers can benefit greatly since they can procure all their final firmware and fixes before leaving vendor support and rest assured that no additional updates will catch them by surprise.

PARSEC OpenVMS support covers these areas, and much more:

  • VMS clustering
  • System backup and recovery
  • Security including password policies, access control lists, and auditing
  • Logical and virtual LAN configurations
  • DECnet phase IV© and DECnet plus©
  • TCP/IP
  • Host based volume shadowing
  • Bugcheck analysis
  • Booting
  • Performance issues

We also support a limited number of layered products for OpenVMS including Archive Backup Server©, Disk File Optimizer©, and the use of compilers and developers tools.

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