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Operating System Migration

Having executed migrations for companies of all sizes and industries we know how stressful a migration project can be. We know that aside from the expertise to execute, planning is the most important piece of the migration process. PARSEC works with your team to plan and execute your migration project for a smooth transition. When you choose PARSEC to assist with your migration project you benefit by having decades of experience behind the project, meticulous planning, thorough documentation and best of all, peace of mind.

The experts at PARSEC are well equipped to help with these Migration Consulting Services:

Version Upgrades

We can upgrade your existing legacy systems to the newest version of the Operating System.

License Audits

Performing a license audit provides you with information to manage your licenses. You might find you are still paying for upgrades or support on decommissioned equipment or other related costs. Remember, we are on your side by not trying to sell you more equipment or licenses.

Host Virtualization

Yes, we can virtualize OpenVMS! We partner with emulation vendors for VAX, Alpha, HPPA, SPARC and x86 to offer full-featured virtual environments which are often more powerful than the actual hardware.

Migration to Virtual Environments

We can help you migrate your existing systems into virtual machines. We have expert knowledge of Built in Unix virtualization such as Solaris containers and LDOMs, AIX VIOS & DLPAR hosts, HP VPARs & NPARs, and Linux virtualization such as Xen, KVM, LXC, and OpenVZ.

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