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Why Choose PARSEC?

Our Trainers Consult. Our Consultants Train.

PARSEC consultants using classroom knowledge in the real world.
When Our Trainers Consult...

What this means for you is that our consultants not only bring their exceptional experience to the project, but they also bring the most relatable information available from the classroom. This approach ensures that our expert professionals are fully capable and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, no matter what the difficulty.

PARSEC trainers sharing real world knowledge with our students.
...And Our Consultants Train

When our consultants step into the classroom, their knowledge from hands-on consulting experiences are brought into their training sessions. This approach gives more than just a textbook-led session. We teach you from a real-world perspective to help you achieve your goals toward a new career or advancement in your current position.

Your PARSEC-trained employees will rock your IT world!

Why YOU Win...

Our Support Speaks Your Language. Because our trainers consult and our consultants train, we clearly communicate with you and your team on a technical and non-technical level.
When you call us you reap the benefits of reaching an expert who is well versed from classroom to real world, an expert you can count on to get your needs and problems solved with clarity and confidence.

Our experts are invited to present their expertise and insights around the globe

Here are some of the reasons why!

  • Mission critical expertise
  • Support for Fortune 500 clients
  • Published authors of training materials
  • Support for most versions of major operating systems
  • 99.9% retention of clients and partners
  • Over 20,000 IT Professionals Trained
  • Technical Consultants averaging 30+ years experience
  • Experienced in software development

We will guide you through the process to tailor the best solution for you and your business, no matter your size.

  • Customized Projects
  • Managed Service Packages
  • Dependable, Unmatched Response Times
  • On-Time, On-Budget, Flex-Time Solutions
  • Unsurpassed Quality

You can trust us to get the job done right the first time!

Choosing PARSEC is a WIN-WIN

PARSEC is proud to accept GI Bill funding to serve our nation's Veterans.

Providing training for our nation's veterans and assisting them in becoming a part of today's IT work force is our commitment to our community and country.

PARSEC Group is recognized as an authorized training organization by the US Department of Veterans affairs to accept GI Bill funding.

You will see that PARSEC Group can fit your budget, solve simple to complex support and consulting needs, and provide top-notch learning opportunities.


The PARSEC Group Promise...

PARSEC is the software maintenance company that you can trust.

To provide its clients and partners with professional services to optimize high availability, high performance, security and operational efficiency for all major operating systems.

To consistently maintain the highest level of customer service, extremely high customer retention rates and worldwide recognition, PARSEC Group only employs technical staff that possess these characteristics. See what our customers have to say about us.