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System Consulting

PARSEC Group has specialized in technical consulting services, earning international recognition for the expertise of our consultants. The key to PARSEC Group's quality in consulting lies in our experts. All our consultants are also instructors which means they are trained in the features of the latest versions of the operating systems. They also understand the importance of clear communication.

We deliver our consulting remotely or at your system site. We will bring our “A” game to fulfill your needs from very simple to very complex. And as always, we aim for remarkably high customer service, every time.

Consulting Services for All Major Operating Systems

Our consulting services are custom tailored to your needs and environment. Some of the services we offer for all of our supported operating systems include:

Operating System Specific Consulting Services

Select from one of the operating systems below to get an idea of some of the additional services we can provide for your specific operating system. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask us! PARSEC Group is partnered with industry leading infrastructure and database companies and can provide you a single point of contact for all your IT Enterprise needs.

AIX Consulting Services

  • Logical Volume Manager Configuration and Management
  • WPARs, DLPARs and PowerVM Implementation
  • Topas Capacity Planning
  • Storage Redundancy Review
  • PowerHA & HACMP Review

HP-UX Consulting Services

  • ServiceGuard Review
  • Logical Volume Manager Configuration and Management
  • Root Disk Encapsulation

IRIX Consulting Services

  • Migration or refactoring of XLV storage
  • XFS & CXFS tuning and migration
  • Graphics reconfiguration support for visualization systems
  • SSD upgrades
  • Kernel tuning for performance and stability
  • Net and SAN boot configurations
  • Networking configuration (FDDI, ATM, Ethernet, IP Filter installtions etc..)
  • Porting and packaging software

Linux Consulting Services

Microsoft Consulting Services

OpenVMS Consulting Services

OpenVMS Versions

Whether you have older versions of VMS on a VAX, or the latest version of OpenVMS on Alpha or Integrity servers, our consultants have the experience you need to complete the tasks on the OpenVMS operating system and various supported layered software products. Some of PARSEC Group consultants have worked with VMS since before V1 was released to the public in 1977. We support and consult for customers running VMS V5.5 through the latest versions of OpenVMS.

Oracle Solaris Consulting Services

  • Tuning and Capacity Planning
  • ZFS Operations
  • Solstice Volume Manager & Disk Suite
  • Installation Assistance
  • E-mail and Corporate Messaging
  • Scripting & software development

Tru64 UNIX Consulting Services

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