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Operating Systems

Today's IT Managers are no longer working in single operating system environments and don't always have enough in-house expertise to support their multi-platform infrastructure.

  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Provide a single point of contact and Direct Connect to Experts - No Level 1 or 2 road blocks
  • Works with clients worldwide from all industry types, from small to large environments
  • Has a 99.9% retention rate and a long-term and loyal client base

[The technician] can fix any software problem with ease. He uncovered things that HP never detected in the audit process and always has great ideas which we never got from HP. [Another technician] was very helpful with the DUA104 creation. [Another technician's] cheat sheet for the UNIX operators to understand OpenVMS was a big hit! Overall, PARSEC provides nothing but very high quality service. When asked if I would recommend PARSEC, I replied "Don't crawl, don't walk, RUN to sign the contract. I trust PARSEC with billions of dollars of data - need I say more?"

Bruce S. IT Executive in the Automotive Industry

Depth of Knowledge and Experience

Our Technical Consultants average 35+ years in their areas of technical expertise. That experience includes:

  • Analyzing system panics / crashes / bugchecks
  • Writing device drivers
  • Teaching scripting, system administration and programming
  • Performance analysis
  • Configuring disaster tolerant and disaster recovery environments
  • Providing training to the OEM
  • Developing OS patches for the OEM
  • Developing and updating courses for the OEM
  • Specializing in emergency troubleshooting

For additional information, please contact us at (888) 472-7732 or 888-4PARSEC, send an e-mail to experts@parsec.com or use our inquiry form.