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Oracle Solaris

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Oracle Solaris Support

PARSEC Group's 24 x 7 Oracle Solaris support services can help you with questions and problems you may have related to the Oracle Solaris operating system and many layered software products. PARSEC Group uses a comprehensive call-tracking system to monitor the progress of each call from first contact through resolution. Call history is recorded and detailed reports may be provided to you, in accordance with your service level agreement.

Commonly requested support call topics include: questions about simple startup and backup/restore procedures; detailed queries on process versus system logic; crash analysis; uncertainties about proper handling of tapes, data transfers, and file system characteristics; requests for setting up networked devices; general troubleshooting; scripting and procedures; nominal performance recommendations and much more.

These limited samplings of service calls are kinds of situations every system administrator faces at one time or another, and you'll want the advantage of having PARSEC Group on your team to answer or overcome the issue.

Oracle Solaris Consulting

PARSEC Group has specialized in technical consulting services for Oracle Solaris earning international recognition for the expertise of our consultants. Our consulting focus also includes OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows and various layered software products.

PARSEC Group successfully delivers high-level consulting services to clients of all business sizes with a wide range of projects, including; shell scripting, utilities and commands, system configuration and system administration, basic networking, and file system configuration management.


Contact us at (888) 472-7732 or 888-4PARSEC, e-mail experts@parsec.com, or use our inquiry form for assistance with your Oracle Solaris systems!