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AIX Support

Our Support Value

PARSEC Group's experienced 3rd party support for IBM™ AIX© covers versions 4.x to the very latest release. You depend on and trust AIX on POWER© hardware, but maximizing your ROI can be a challenge. After owning equipment for a few years, prices on vendor support can escalate greatly. Additionally, AIX end-of-life dates tend to come up more quickly than for many other software vendors.

Did you know...

AIX 5.3 TL12 was released in April 2010, but was placed into end-of-service status only two years later in 2012

AIX 6.1 planned support lifespan was 10 years from the release date

There is strong possibility that no additional patches or fixes will be provided following the end-of-support dates

So, why continue to pay expensive AIX software maintenance costs for support from the vendor?

At PARSEC, we resolve cases for IBM's AIX with impressive regularity, and continue to support versions considered end-of-support from IBM's perspective, all at a fraction of the cost of an IBM SWMA. Clients with early PowerPC©, POWER5©, and POWER6© can benefit greatly since they can procure all their final firmware and technology levels before leaving IBM support and rest assured that no additional updates will catch them by surprise.

PARSEC AIX support covers these areas, and much more:

  • Logical Volume Manager operations of all types
  • System recovery using mksysb images on various media
  • C2 security and AIX's enhanced user security & PAM
  • Trusted AIX
  • Role based access control
  • Network Installation Manager (NIM)
  • Complex network configurations including LACP, PEGP (Etherchannel), and stacked VLAN setups
  • SAN boot, multipathing, NPIV configuration
  • LPAR & DLPAR configuration and support
  • Cryptographic system support
  • JFS and JFS2 including encryption and compression

We also support a limited number of product overlays for AIX including PowerVM© (VIOS©) and PowerHA© (HACMP©).

AIX Patching Capabilities

Vendors typically stop producing patches for end-of-life operating systems, even for critical issues. If you are faced with this or a similar issue, we can provide key fixes and patches that may not be available for end-of-life versions which have reached what IBM calls "End of Service Pack Support". These patches can be provided for key services such as Secure Shell, which usually cannot be disabled as a workaround for a critical flaw. We have the expertise to create new base OS (BOS) packages for AIX, so long as a code-fix is freely available, to cover these issues and provide a real fix to older AIX systems.

Here is a list of issues for which PARSEC can provide internally sourced non-IBM replacement patches for critical vulnerabilities. Note that this list covers (more than) all default AIX network services:

  • Secure Shell
  • Network Time Protocol
  • Telnet, rsh, rlogin, and rexec (though customers should really migrate these to SSH, since these are unencrypted services anyway)
  • Talk, ntalk, and writesrv
  • Sendmail
  • SNMP
  • inetd and its internal services

We specifically cannot provide patches for these situations:

  • Kernel patches
  • Most local-only privilege escalation issues
  • IBM or 3rd party drivers
  • AIX-specific proprietary software where no open source analog or public source code exists.

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