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Intrusion Recovery

Administering legacy systems can be a security challenge and the need for recovery of a compromised system or set of systems can be crucial. In this difficult situation, you don't want the inexperienced matching wits with hackers or ex-employees with inside knowledge. You'll want the experts at PARSEC on your side.

Our experts devise the best way to detect intrusions, recover from the impact and preserve the evidence. We can be a key component in the process of understanding what happened so you can be sure it doesn't happen again.

The experts at PARSEC are well equipped to help with these Intrusion Recovery Services:

Forensic Offline Analysis

This is a useful tool in recovering evidence while maintaining the integrity of the original system. We perform this analysis on your compromised systems even after we've purged the original victim-host of any taint.

Security Vulnerability Analysis

Extensive knowledge of the operating systems we support enables us to find where the key security hard points are, check them for integrity, and the ways intruders may leave backdoors in your system. We will rid you of these and ensure there are no dangling vulnerabilities to address after the incident is over.

Strategic Analysis

We offer strategic vulnerability and mitigation analysis of your systems vulnerability. We make recommendations for patches, firmware, and configuration changes that create a more secure environment.

Security Tool Porting

Security tools that come with an OS can be inadequate. We can help by porting select security tools to your chosen platform. For example, if you need host-based intrusion detection but no options exist on your platform, we may be able to port an existing open source security solution and make it operational in your environment.

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