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Backup Procedures and Implementation

PARSEC Group understands the importance of protecting your invaluable data. Let our experts design and implement a customized backup, archival, and/or disaster recovery plan to protect you and your data from any unexpected disasters.

Some considerations when determining the best backup procedures:

  • Portability requirements - what systems must be able to access the data?
  • Level of automation - will operators be available to change the media or must it be fully automated?
  • Level of experience of users - are experienced users restoring files?
  • What type of media is available for storage?
  • Is off-site storage of backup media available and if yes where?
  • How much time is available to perform backup?
  • How much time is available to restore data in the case of a complete file system failure?
  • What are the security requirements for the backup media?
  • What are the requirements to have data consistency?
  • Are there any special requirements such as those imposed by some database servers?
  • What are the requirements for storage of backup logs and journals?
  • What is an acceptable amount of lost data - 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc.?

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