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License Audit

With the passage of time, and the changing of system administrators and system needs, it is likely that the software you once needed is no longer in use. An audit of the software licenses installed on your OpenVMS or Tru64 UNIX systems can identify unused and under utilized licenses.

A license audit performed by PARSEC Group can identify which layered product licenses exist on the system. Often such an audit identifies software that is licensed and supported, but is no longer in use on the audited systems. In many cases eliminating these licenses can save thousands of dollars in subscription and support fees; or it may be that none of the current staff is aware they can use that software, and will start gaining the benefit of it. In other cases, the client may choose to discontinue support of the software to decrease the annual support costs of the systems.

Audit Report

When PARSEC Group performs a software license audit of your servers, we provide a detailed audit report which includes:

  • Servers involved in the audit
  • Define and explain License Management Facility (LMF) terminology
  • Identify which products are being used by the client
  • Identify licenses that are registered against those that are loaded
  • Identify time-restricted licenses which may cause issues in the future when they expire
  • Identify licenses for software that is no longer being used
  • Detailed description of non-compliant licenses
  • Recommendations to bring a non-compliant server to a compliant state

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