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Installation Assistance

If you are considering entering Linux (Red Hat and SUSE) into your infrastructure, there are a few pre-installation considerations you need to ask yourself:

  • Is the hardware compatible?
  • Will the system require dual booting?
    • Which boot loader should be used?
      LILO, NT Loader, GRUB, etc.
  • What partitioning scheme will be used?
    • Resizing existing partitions?
    • LVM? RAID?
  • What file system(s) will be used?
  • What is the expected primary role of this system?
  • Life cycle consideration

PARSEC Group can help assess your environment and provide installation assistance. We can do the whole installation from start to finish or help with the partitioning work etc.

Because PARSEC Group supports all major operating systems, we know how to data partition multiple OSes which will decrease the time required for the complete installation.

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