PARSEC Resources for HP-UX

OpenVMS support specialists

Whether you're looking for some unique HP-UX services for your HP 9000 (HPPA PA-RISC) or Integrity systems (based on the Itanium), or simply looking for a way to lower the costs on your support, look no further! We have no doubt that the capabilities of our staff will exceed your expectations.

HP-UX Support

HP-UX Patching

PARSEC can provide internally sourced, non-HP patches for vulnerable or broken network services and other HP-UX issues.

HP-UX Consulting

  • Customized Consulting
    ServiceGuard review, Logical Volume Manager configuration and management, system audits, scripting, backup procedures, troubleshooting/crash analysis, and much more!
  • Storage
    SAN migrations, storage performance
  • Security
    Security audit, intrusion recovery, security readiness review, regulatory security implementations

HP-UX Patching

PARSEC can provide internally sourced, non-HP patches for most critical HP-UX vulnerabilities.

HP-UX Training

HP-UX 11i training will help you unlock the potential within your HP-UX 11i systems. We train users and administrators of all levels exactly what HP-UX 11i is capable of, and what steps you can take to leverage this functionality in your daily activities.

The key to PARSEC Group's quality training is our instructors; all our courses are delivered by senior level instructors who bring valuable, real-world experience to the classroom, which makes for increased applicability of your newly gained knowledge in your own real life situations. This, along with the written course material, will be valuable assets in the future!

Additional Resources

Here are some helpful links to other resources available for HP-UX.

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