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OpenVMS Links

Here are some links to resources that may help the OpenVMS community.

OpenVMS Community

HP owns and maintains OpenVMS v8.4 and earlier versions and keeps many resources available for OpenVMS users on their web sites. A couple of the more helpful links are included here.

Note: HP has made some significant changes to their organization and web site. Some of the links below my not be current. These will be updated as information becomes available.

VMS Software Inc. maintains and develops OpenVMS v8.4-1h1 and later versions. A couple of their more helpful links are included here.

Ken Farmer maintains an OpenVMS community with news, references for beginners and the more advanced users, resources for developers and system managers and more.


We are pleased to make available to the OpenVMS community the following presentations which were given by PARSEC Group at various OpenVMS Bootcamps and HP Tech Forums.

PARSEC Group has presented many online seminars providing information about some of the features of the operating systems we support. Some of our more popular presentations include:

Terminal Emulators

Whether you are needing an emulator to access our systems during training, or needing to access your own systems using the Telnet or SSH protocols, we have reviewed some terminal emulators that run on Microsoft Windows and Linux and work with OpenVMS.


PARSEC Group works hard to maintain the validity of links referenced on this page. However, the content of those pages, and the links themselves, are out of our control. If you encounter any problems with these links, please let us know through the use of our inquiry form or send e-mail to experts@parsec.com.