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LSM Internals and Troubleshooting

Course Code: U3705S
Length: 3 days

Schedule and Registration

This course is not currently scheduled.

Course Description

This course focuses on the internals of the Logical Storage Manager (LSM). It also presents practical troubleshooting training on LSM.

Who Should Attend

System administrators and suppport engineers who service or support LSM configurations.


Students should have the experience and knowledge provided by:

Students should be able to set up and manage the LSM and hardware RAID using the command line or graphical interface.

Benefits of Attending this Class

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe LSM internals (architecture, components, data structures, functions/commands, and algorithms
  • Troubleshoot, either separately or in some combination, LSM problems

Course Contents

  • LSM Concepts
  • LSM Sources and Debugging
  • LSM Daemons and Commands
  • LSM Algorithms
  • Troubleshooting LSM