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hp Tru64 UNIX V5.1 LSM and RAID Configuration Management

Course Code: U3699S
Length: 3 days

Schedule and Registration

This course is not currently scheduled.

Course Description

This course is designed for system administrations and support personnel who support Tru64 UNIX storage options such as RAID and LSM. Specifically, it is designed for system management and support people who have experience managing a Tru64 UNIX environment and require instruction in advanced system management topics associated with configuring and maintaining an LSM or RAID environment.

Who Should Attend

Systems administrators and support personnel.


HP strongly recommends that students taking this course have the following credentials. (The instructor will deliver this course under the assumption that students have attained this level of experience.)

  • Install and manage a Tru64 UNIX system
  • Install layered products and register license PAKs
  • Troubleshoot the operating system and make adjustments to improve performance
  • Manage traditional UNIX disk partitioning
  • Perform typical UNIX system management tasks, such as backup and adding user accounts
  • Use the Tru64 UNIX kernel configuration tools

Students can satisfy these prerequisites by taking the course course U3632S - System Administration.

Benefits of Attending this Class

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Determine hardware and software needs for LSM and RAID
  • Configure the hardware necessary to support hardware RAID
  • Install the software necessary to support LSM and/or RAID
  • Set up and manage LSM and RAID using the command line or graphical user interface (as appropriate)
  • Describe the benefits and drawbacks of using LSM or RAID