PARSEC Resources for Oracle Solaris and SunOS™

Oracle Solaris Support

We use a comprehensive call-tracking system to document and monitor the progress of each call, from first contact through resolution.

Oracle Solaris Patching

PARSEC can provide internally sourced, non-Oracle patches for vulnerable or broken network services and other Solaris issues.

Oracle Solaris Consulting

You will be happy that you called PARSEC's expert staff for your Oracle Solaris consulting needs. Explore the services we can provide, and know that we can customize any of the services to fit your needs.

  • Customized Consulting
    Tuning and capacity planning, ZFS operations, Samba integration of Solaris file shares with Windows, installation assistance, e-mail and corporate messaging, scripting & software development, and much more!
  • Storage
    Solstice Volume Manager & Disk Suite
  • Security
    TSEC C2 security and Oracle Solaris's enhanced user security & PAM

Oracle Solaris Training

Oracle Solaris training at PARSEC is laser focused on systems administration. Time is money and you can save both by enrolling in our Oracle Solaris classes. We concentrate on operational learning to give you solid and real situational training that will make you effective on the job and give you new productive abilities.

The key to PARSEC Group's quality training is our instructors; all our courses are delivered by senior level instructors who bring valuable, real-world experience to the classroom, which makes for increased applicability of your newly gained knowledge in your own real life situations. This, along with the written course material, will be valuable assets in the future!

Additional Resources

Here are some helpful links to other resources available for Oracle Solaris .

Contact us at (888) 472-7732 or 888-4PARSEC, e-mail, or use our inquiry form for assistance with your Oracle Solaris systems!