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hp Tru64 UNIX KornShell Programming

Course Code: U3711S
Length: 3 days

Schedule and Registration

Course Description

Shell Programming is designed to teach the concepts, features and functions of the UNIX Korn Shell. The goal of this three-day intensive course is to provide the necessary tools to become proficient in writing shell scripts for routine tasks. The components needed as building blocks are introduced and integrated with the control constructs to produce sophisticated programs. Through the hands-on approach in a lecture/lab environment, the student is able to perfect programs that can be used in the real-time environment.

Who Should Attend

The contents in this course are suitable for users of any UNIX environment. The course will be of particular benefit to system analysts, application programmers, system administrators, and technical personnel who want to learn how to write Korn Shell scripts.


  • Use at least one UNIX shell and editor
  • Previous experience with UNIX Utilities and Commands
  • Use of the appropriate documentation to locate programming information

Benefits of Attending this Class

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define and direct standard files
  • Use the pipe operator to connect two commands
  • Use wildcard metacharacters
  • Use the history command to recall commands
  • Use shell variables
  • Define and use foreground and background processes
  • Use while and for loops
  • Group shell commands
  • Use command substitution