OpenVMS Security Administrator Track

This track provides the security administrator, or the system manager responsible for security, the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a secure OpenVMS environment.

OpenVMS Academy Utilities and Commands


Description and Schedule

This course teaches how to use the OpenVMS operating system to create, manipulate, and manage files. Students learn how to tailor the user environment using logical names and DCL symbols. The DCL command language interpreter is described, and students learn how to use the command line interface. Students learn to develop basic command procedures and to create a LOGIN.COM command file to tailor the login session.

OpenVMS Academy System Administration


Description and Schedule

This course presents the system manager who is new to OpenVMS or OpenVMS system management with the core information and essential skills needed to examine the system, both the hardware and the software configuration and the administrative setup already in place.

OpenVMS Academy System, Network and Internet Security


Description and Schedule

This course teaches security theory and practice as it relates to the OpenVMS operating system, the network and the Internet to which it may be connected.