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OpenVMS Network Management Track

The network manager on OpenVMS must have a basic understanding of how to use and manage an OpenVMS system in addition to the knowledge required to manage a TCP/IP or DECnet network. This track provides that manager with the skills necessary to configure and manage TCP/IP Service for HP OpenVMS and DECnet-Plus.

OpenVMS Academy Utilities and Commands


Description and Schedule

This course teaches how to use the OpenVMS operating system to create, manipulate, and manage files. Students learn how to tailor the user environment using logical names and DCL symbols. The DCL command language interpreter is described, and students learn how to use the command line interface. Students learn to develop basic command procedures and to create a LOGIN.COM command file to tailor the login session.

OpenVMS Academy System Administration


Description and Schedule

This course presents the system manager who is new to OpenVMS or OpenVMS system management with the core information and essential skills needed to examine the system, both the hardware and the software configuration and the administrative setup already in place.

OpenVMS Academy Advanced System Administration


Description and Schedule

This course presents the system manager who has been running an existing OpenVMS system with the core information and skills needed to get a clean system (including a cluster) up and running. The course includes topics on installation/upgrades of OpenVMS on Alpha systems, installation of layered products, in-depth queue management, stand-alone backup, troubleshooting, network configuration, security, accounting, and cluster basics.

OpenVMS Academy TCP/IP Networking


Description and Schedule

This course is designed for computer professionals interested in understanding and administering the TCP/IP environment within OpenVMS.

OpenVMS DECnet-Plus


Description and Schedule

This course presents OpenVMS DECnet-Plus capabilities available to system and network administrators. It also covers configuring, managing and troubleshooting a DECnet-Plus network.