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OpenVMS Integrity Differences

Course Code: HK976S
Length: 2 days

Schedule and Registration

Course Description

This 2-day course teaches students about the installation, operation, maintenance, and booting of OpenVMS on Integrity Servers. It covers the differences in OpenVMS between Alpha and Integrity along with the differences of the consoles of between the two systems.

Who Should Attend

  • OpenVMS system managers who are moving from Alpha Servers to Integrity Servers

The hands-on labs were excellent. I will be able to take this experience back to my job and utilize them immediately.


Students taking this course should have 2 to 3 years experience managing an OpenVMS on Alpha Servers.

Benefits of Attending this Class

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to install and manage OpenVMS on an HP Integrity Server.

Course Contents

Integrity Console
  • HP Integrity Server Console Overview
  • EFI
  • HP Value Added Interfaces
  • Connections to the Management Processor
  • Location of the MP and connections
  • Connecting to the MP via Serial Port
  • MP Main Menu
  • MP Help
  • Configuring the MP LAN
  • Operating System Console
  • Web Access to the Integrity Console
  • iLO Login
  • Active Users of Console Subsystem
  • iLO Server Status
  • iLO System Event Log
  • CLI System Event Log
  • iLO Administration
  • iLO Power and Reset
  • Changing LAN Configuration via iLO
  • Installing MP Licenses via iLO
  • Secure Environment Considerations
  • Understanding the Integrity Boot
  • EFI Components
  • OpenVMS system disk/EFI FAT32
  • Navigating the EFI File System
  • Aliases
  • Upgrading the Firmware
  • Updating Fibre Channel Firmware
  • Maintaining the Boot Option List
  • Manual Boot
Installing OpenVMS
  • Installing the OpenVMS Operating System
  • License Types
  • Shutting Down the System
  • Emergency Shutdown Procedures
Other Topics
  • Running Diagnostics
  • Clearing the BMC System Event Log
  • Virtual DVD
  • FC Card Configuration
  • OpenVMS Backup Issues with Integrity System Disks
  • HP Integrity NVRAMBKP Utility