Linux Fundamentals

Course Code: GL120
Length: 5 days

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 (5 days) Denver, CO  $2,195.00 Register

Course Description

The GL120 is a challenging course that focuses on the fundamental tools and concepts of Linux and Unix. Students gain proficiency using the command line. Beginners develop a solid foundation in Unix, while advanced users discover patterns and fill in gaps in their knowledge. Like all our courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience. Topics include: basic file manipulation; basic and advanced filesystem features; I/O redirection and pipes; text manipulation and regular expressions; managing jobs and processes; vi, the standard Unix editor; automating tasks with shell scripts; managing software; secure remote administration; and more.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for a variety of skill levels, from beginners desiring a solid foundation in Linux to experienced users seeking to fill in gaps in their knowledge.


Students should be comfortable with computers. No familiarity with Linux or other Unix operating systems is required.

Supported Distributions

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

Course Outline

  • What is Linux?
  • Login and Exploration
  • The Linux Filesystem
  • Manipulating Files
  • Shell Basics
  • Archiving and Compression
  • Text Processing
  • Regular Expressions
  • Text Editing
  • Messaging
  • Command Shells
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Process Management and Job Control
  • AT and Cron
  • Managing Software
  • The Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Mounting Filesystems & Managing Removable Media
  • Printing
  • The X Window System

Student Feedback

"The instructor used a good mix of humor to get the point across, and was good at figuring how and why things work."

"I have taken many Linux classes before and this has been, hands down, the best one I've attended."

"Very knowledgable instructor, expertise was paramount in helping this Window-lover begin to understand the world that is Linux."

"Explained the concepts and materials well and added other insights and information that helped clarify points in the class materials and labs. He also suggested that we understand the concepts in the labs, rather than just typing them, and take whatever time needed & ask questions to increase our understanding."

"David is an excellent instructor. He is intimately acquainted with and extremely enthusiastic about Linux. He commands respect for his extinsive knowledge & was highly effective in applying it to real-wold situations while making it fun to learn."

If you have any questions about this or any other course, ask us and we'll be happy to help.