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AIX Remote System Administration

AIX system administration specialists

Whether you use your IBM™ AIX© hosts to run your organization, handle specialized tasks, or are simply required to keep them around for regulatory reasons, we understand that maintaining your AIX environment is important. However, between replacing system administrators who have retired or moved on, hiring in a competitive IT labor market, and budgets that make it difficult to justify hiring full time system administrators, we understand that this can be challenging.

Good news!

PARSEC can help with our Remote System Administration (RSAsm). Our professional team has decades of systems administration experience, and specific experience with IBM AIX versions 4.x, all the way up to the very latest release. All you have to do is provide remote access (usually a VPN or SSH access with appropriate ACLs and keys), and we can interact directly with your systems to quickly resolve problems and perform system administration tasks giving you a lower cost system administration solution for your business.

How does it work?

Remote System Administration is highly customizable, and can be used for anything from full system administration of your AIX environment, to supplementing your existing staff. In other words, you can build your package to include the services you need, and leave out the services you don't. In addition to all of our standard support features, these are a few examples of what is available with RSA:

  • Assistance with storage provisioning and setting up LVM
  • Help with builds and build-engineering to customer specifications
  • Security auditing and analysis*
  • User management and provisioning on demand
  • Host-side network provisioning**
  • Monitoring and performance management to customer specifications
  • Performance tuning
  • Stability tuning
  • Documentation updates and development

*We are experienced with penetration testing and security auditing standards in the HIPAA act, the GLBA, SOX, and PCI requirements. We can work directly with your auditors to help you pass audit.
**We have deep networking experience and can help even with very complex active-active bonding and VLAN configurations.

Our standard AIX support is included with our RSA packages, and covers these areas (and much more):

  • Logical Volume Manager operations of all types
  • System recovery using mksysb images on various media
  • C2 security and AIX's enhanced user security & PAM
  • Trusted AIX
  • Role based access control
  • Network Installation Manager (NIM)
  • Complex network configurations including LACP, PEGP (Etherchannel), and stacked VLAN setups
  • SAN boot, multipathing, NPIV configuration
  • LPAR & DLPAR configuration and support
  • Cryptographic system support
  • JFS and JFS2 including encryption and compression

We also support a limited number of product overlays for AIX including PowerVM© (VIOS©) and PowerHA© (HACMP©).

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