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IRIX Support

Our Support Value

SGI™ IRIX© has been running in mission critical environments since 1988. While it may be an obsolete operating system today, it was widely deployed in its day and remains a stable operating system. Many of its deployments were for long-term use scenarios, such as hard to upgrade industrial controls, military defense systems, logistics and supply chain analytics, oil and gas exploration applications, and many other such specialties. Given that it's often much cheaper to continue to operate the system rather than replace it, PARSEC's value proposition becomes clear. We offer expert IRIX support on all SGI workstations and servers.

Did you know...

The last major revision of IRIX was 6.5.30 released in August 2006

SGI No longer offers patches for security problems with IRIX

SGI went bankrupt in 2008 and sold all assets to Rackable Computing

We offer updated packages for OpenSSH and Samba on IRIX

So, why replace your SGI IRIX systems when PARSEC can still support them?

No matter what type of Silicon Graphics systems you have, or what version of IRIX you run, we can help. Our staff has experience with IRIX since version 4.x, so even if your own staff hasn't had to touch the operating system for years, the staff at PARSEC has up-to-the-minute expertise ready to help!

PARSEC IRIX support covers these areas, and much more:

  • OS problem determination
  • XFS/CXFS provisioning and maintenance operations
  • XLV volume management operations
  • C2 Security setup and operations
  • Network setup and troubleshooting
  • System builds
  • Dump analysis for problem determination
  • Legacy support for IRIX 4.x and 5.x revisions
  • Cloning and migration
  • SAN operations and troubleshooting

IRIX Patching Capabilities

Vendors typically stop producing patches for end-of-life operating systems, even for critical issues. If you are faced with this or a similar issue, we can provide key fixes and patches that are not available from SGI. These patches can be provided for key services such as Secure Shell, which usually cannot be disabled as a workaround for a critical flaw. We have the expertise to create a limited set of new base packages for IRIX, so long as a code-fix is freely available, to cover these issues and provide a real fix for your IRIX systems.

Here is a list of issues for which PARSEC can provide internally sourced non-SGI replacement patches for critical vulnerabilities. Note that this list covers (more than) all default IRIX network services:

  • Secure Shell
  • Network Time Protocol
  • Telnet, rsh, rlogin, and rexec (though customers should really migrate these to SSH, since these are unencrypted services anyway)
  • Talk, ntalk, and writesrv
  • Sendmail
  • SNMP
  • inetd and its internal services

We specifically cannot provide patches for these situations:

  • Kernel patches
  • Most local-only privilege escalation issues
  • SGI or 3rd party drivers
  • IRIX-specific proprietary software where no open source analog or public source code exists

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