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Tru64 IQ Quiz Hall-of-Fame

These Hall-of-Fame members are being recognized for their expertise in Tru64. Of course, membership into the Hall-of-Fame is voluntary.

If you would like to sign up for the IQ Quiz for OpenVMS, AIX or Tru64 Unix, just sign in and update your profile.

Tru64 Gold Hall-of-Fame

Tru64 Silver Hall-of-Fame

Hans Bachner
b.it.co IT Consulting GmbH
OpenVMS and Tru64 consulting; software development; CHARON emulators (VAX, Alpha, PDP-11); --> http://b.it.co.at
pdv-systeme Sachsen

Tru64 Bronze Hall-of-Fame

Camiel Vanderhoeven
Migration Specialties Europe
Lead developer of FreeAXP and Avanti Alpha emulators: http://www.migrationspecialties.eu/

1 other qualifies for the Bronze Hall-Of-Fame but has chosen to remain anonymous.