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OpenVMS IQ Quiz Hall-of-Fame

These Hall-of-Fame members are being recognized for their expertise in OpenVMS. Of course, membership into the Hall-of-Fame is voluntary.

If you would like to sign up for the IQ Quiz for OpenVMS, AIX or Tru64 Unix, just sign in and update your profile.

OpenVMS Gold Hall-of-Fame

VMS fan for decades

OpenVMS Silver Hall-of-Fame

Duncan Morris
Veteran VMS engineer/manager. 25 years experience in Africa, and 11 years back in UK.
Robert Spalding
Underemployed VMS sysadmin/programmer

1 other qualifies for the Silver Hall-Of-Fame but has chosen to remain anonymous.

OpenVMS Bronze Hall-of-Fame

Alan S. Muir
Aetna, Inc.
Barry Bradford
Banner Health
OpenVMS Systems Administrator
Camiel Vanderhoeven
Migration Specialties Europe
Lead developer of FreeAXP and Avanti Alpha emulators
Chris Newman
Wipro Technologies
Guru for VMS, Unix, Linux & Windows. BLISS infinite and giver of supreme happiness
Dan Osburn (DanO)
Atlanta, GA
If at first you don`t succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
Dave Baxter
TESSCO Technologies
Wireless Technology Distributor
Fodor, Zsuzsa
Tax Administration of Hungary
Had worked with RSX 1980-86; Enthusiastic VMS System Manager since 1987 and forever
Frank J. Puz
In the job market and all-ears. Southern california (LA and Orange County) Find me at 510-861-4397 and
Greg Gasperoni
Evans Griffiths & Hart, Inc.
Hans Bachner IT Consulting GmbH
CHARON emulators (VAX, Alpha, PDP-11)
Howard D Streitfeld
Applications Engineer III
Jim Geier
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
Peter Weaver
Weaver Consulting Services Inc.
OpenVMS System Managment Consultant
Remi Jolin
OpenVMS ecosystem consultant in France with SysGroup
Rien Timmer
JKP Consulting B.V.
(Open)VMS Forever!
Stefan Risch
Saarstahl AG
OpenVMS Systembetreuung / Programmierung
Thomas SchmidLonging after clear DCL syntax when working with cryptic Unix or PHP code.

8 others qualify for the Bronze Hall-Of-Fame but have chosen to remain anonymous.