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OpenVMS IQ Quiz Hall-of-Fame

These Hall-of-Fame members are being recognized for their expertise in OpenVMS. Of course, membership into the Hall-of-Fame is voluntary.

If you would like to sign up for the IQ Quiz for OpenVMS, AIX or Tru64 Unix, just sign in and update your profile.

OpenVMS Gold Hall-of-Fame

VMS fan for decades

OpenVMS Silver Hall-of-Fame

Duncan Morris
Veteran VMS engineer/manager. 25 years experience in Africa, and 11 years back in UK.
Robert Spalding
Underemployed VMS sysadmin/programmer

1 other qualifies for the Silver Hall-Of-Fame but has chosen to remain anonymous.

OpenVMS Bronze Hall-of-Fame

Alan S. Muir
Aetna, Inc.
Barry Bradford
Banner Health
OpenVMS Systems Administrator
Camiel Vanderhoeven
Migration Specialties Europe
Lead developer of FreeAXP and Avanti Alpha emulators: http://www.migrationspecialties.eu/
Chris Newman
Wipro Technologies
Guru for VMS, Unix, Linux & Windows. BLISS infinite and giver of supreme happiness
Dan Osburn (DanO)
Atlanta, GA
If at first you don`t succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
Dave Baxter
TESSCO Technologies
Wireless Technology Distributor
Fodor, Zsuzsa
Tax Administration of Hungary
Had worked with RSX 1980-86; Enthusiastic VMS System Manager since 1987 and forever
Frank J. Puz
In the job market and all-ears. Southern california (LA and Orange County) Find me at 510-861-4397 and FrankJPuz@gmail.com.
Greg Gasperoni
Evans Griffiths & Hart, Inc.
Hans Bachner
b.it.co IT Consulting GmbH
OpenVMS and Tru64 consulting; software development; CHARON emulators (VAX, Alpha, PDP-11); --> http://b.it.co.at
Howard D Streitfeld
Applications Engineer III
Jim Geier
HealthCare Partners Medical Group
Peter Weaver
Weaver Consulting Services Inc.
OpenVMS System Managment Consultant http://www.weaverconsulting.ca/
Remi Jolin
OpenVMS ecosystem consultant in France http://www.sysgroup.fr
Rien Timmer
JKP Consulting B.V.
(Open)VMS Forever!
Stefan Risch
Saarstahl AG
OpenVMS Systembetreuung / Programmierung
Thomas Schmid
Longing after clear DCL syntax when working with cryptic Unix or PHP code.

8 others qualify for the Bronze Hall-Of-Fame but have chosen to remain anonymous.