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Who We Are

PARSEC Group is a US based, full-service IT consulting, training and support company for all major operating systems.

Since 1986, PARSEC Group has been providing world class services to hundreds of consulting clients and has trained tens of thousands of technical professionals worldwide.

By supporting multiple operating systems, we support those issues that arise when having the systems work together. PARSEC Group solves the whole issue. When PARSEC Group supports your computing infrastructure, finger pointing is eliminated.

Our Trainers Consult…
Our Consultants Train.

What We Do

  • Operating System Support
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • System Management and Monitoring
  • Security
  • Device Driver Development

New Support Program - System Administration +

PARSEC Group's System Administration + program is the perfect solution for companies that have limited expertise and/or resources. We take over the system administration duties remotely saving you time, money and adding expertise, security and peace of mind.
End to End System Administration: From analyzing system logs to maintaining a disaster recovery plan and everything in between; PARSEC Group is YOUR expert - we make your group look good; With our Consultants having an average of 30+ years experience, you can sit back and relax with stress free administration.
Audit and Assessment: Prior to PARSEC Group becoming your System Administrator we will provide an initial system audit that will highlight any potential problem areas so we can solve those issues proactively; We will work with the person currently maintaining the system(s) to get a thorough understanding of how things are done today and what needs to be done going forward.
Base Program Includes Remote System Monitoring ("RSM")  plus On-line System Monitoring ("OSM"): RSM is a scheduled proactive, consistent and persistent plan that allows system management remotely and maintains the health of the environment; OSM is a proprietary software that is a powerful and proven tool enabling proactive system monitoring, predictive maintenance and timely responsiveness.
If you would like to learn more about this program, send an e-mail to or contact your Sales Account Manager.