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Who We Are

PARSEC Group is a US based, full-service IT consulting, training and support company for all major operating systems.

Since 1986, PARSEC Group has been providing world class services to hundreds of consulting clients and has trained tens of thousands of technical professionals worldwide.

By supporting multiple operating systems, we support those issues that arise when having the systems work together. PARSEC Group solves the whole issue. When PARSEC Group supports your computing infrastructure, finger pointing is eliminated.

Our Trainers Consult…
Our Consultants Train.

What We Do

  • Operating System Support
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • System Management and Monitoring
  • Security
  • Device Driver Development

New Road Map for OpenVMS

HP has released the 2013 road map for OpenVMS and has committed to supporting it at the very minimum through 2020! The future is still bright for the operating system we all love, trust and rely on so much. Some of the outstanding achievements in OpenVMS history include:

We at PARSEC Group are extremely excited about the future of OpenVMS and will continue to be here to support the OpenVMS community regardless of what version you are presently running!