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SalesForce Administration

Course Code: SF201
Length: 30 days

Schedule and Registration

Course Description

This course will provide the essential skills needed to be proficient in SalesForce Administration and will also teach the student how to pass the SalesForce Administration 201 exam. This course will show students the structure of how the SFDC system is setup, so with any role they are in, they will be able to understand the SFDC platform. They will become skilled at how to manage users by configuring the difference profiles, roles and permissions, along with why they are needed. They will learn how to manage and keep data integrity for the SFCD instance. They will learn how to set up automatic workflows for field updating, tasks and email alerts. Students will also learn how to get the best analytics from data by building reports & dashboards.

This course is an instructor led course that combines an introduction/user course with the SalesForce Administration technical course. This course is roughly 50% lecture and 50% labs, and will also be combined with professional development and soft skills training that will help students become employed as a Certified SalesForce Administrator. This course will be a blend of technical training, hands on labs, group activities, and lecture. This training will only be 4 hours a day, 5 days a week so that the student can better retain the information being taught.


It is recommended that students taking this course have a basic knowledge of computer use and terms.

Benefits of Attending this Class

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Be proficient in SalesForce Administration, and have the skills necessary to become a SalesForce Administrator
  • Become SalesForce-certified

Textbook(s) and Required Tools/Supplies

  • Textbook (required): SalesForce ADM 201 Student Manual
  • Supplies and/or tools: SalesForce Trailhead, SalesForce Admin 201 Exam Prep, SalesForce Academic Alliance

Course Contents

Week 1
  • Introduction of Class
  • SalesForce Course Introductions
  • Salesforce Course Overview
  • Assessment Results
Week 2
  • SalesForce Technical User Training
  • Professional Development and Soft Skills Training
Week 3
  • SalesForce Administration Training with Labs
  • Professional Development and Soft Skills Training
Week 4
  • SalesForce Administration Training with Labs
  • Professional Development and Soft Skills Training
Week 5
  • SalesForce Study Prep
  • Professional Development and Soft Skills Training
Week 6
  • Mock Interviews and Career Panel