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To the Business/Technical Manager (CIO/CTO)

As you know, one of your biggest people-management issues is keeping your senior software developers motivated, focused, intellectually challenged, productive and happy. And this problem actually extends right down through the ranks to your newest, most junior programmers as well.

If your technical staff is bogged down with the daily grind of bug reports and break/fix, legacy code maintenance, data conversion mini-projects, and endless user support meetings, you're probably constantly on the look-out for antidotes, the ways and means to reward and motivate your best people, your top performers, to retain them and keep them from moving on...

Top software professionals advocate the importance of learning -- mastering -- one new software programming language per year. Not surprisingly, learning a new language is an intellectual challenge, keeps the skills sharp, and it's exactly what your best coders love to do. In the proper motivation and context, the opportunity to attend a top-rated training on a state-of-the-art technology language like Ruby is a huge vote of confidence and reward from you (your company) to your best people.

Exposure to Ruby is an opportunity to gain competency in modern, state-of-the-art software technologies and practices, including: object-oriented and functional programming paradigms; duck typing and dynamically interpreted runtime environments; tool chains and tool building; modern software development tools like advanced text editors, IDEs, debuggers, test/mock harnesses, and environments; object-relational modeling; documentation tools; best practice testing and collaborative methodologies; and much more.

Send your best people to Ruby Immersion, and we'll return them refreshed and supercharged with a powerful and relevant programming language, plus new skills, methods and insight to apply to your current set of problems and issues.

What if one of your folks returned from Ruby Immersion and, in the course of an afternoon, sat down and knocked out a working prototype solution to a problem which had been vexing your team for months? No promises, but it could happen (has happened!)... Would that be worth the investment in training?

Reward your best people: "Congratulations, you've been selected. Welcome to Ruby Immersion."