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To the Individual, Independent Student

It's still a really tough economy out there. You may be just like so many (thousands!) folks across the country: been to college, got a job, but after months and even years of "toughing it out," you've done the soul-searching and concluded that it's just not for you. You've joined a small army of folks who are doing the "career pivot".

Or perhaps you're U.S. Military, active duty discharged, Guard or Reserve, and working on that tough return home, reintegration into family, community and the world of business. You've been trained to handle high-tech gear and systems, and you've dealt with some tough situations and people in some tough places; you've performed with intelligence, discipline and duty. Now what? How can you translate those military skills into productive work and service in your community and to provide for your family?

Many folks in job transition, career pivots and military-to-civilian transition are looking seriously at the high tech job market as a good place to be... Job boards are full of ads and opportunities for website designers and coders, software developers, and other related professionals. Job ads on Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn and Ladders are full of terms like "full stack", "Rails", "JavaScript", "ActiveRecord" and "Ruby"... Almost looks like easy pickins'! Are you ready and qualified to apply?

You've been bold and inquired -- perhaps even made it to a first interview. But they responded: "We need people with experience..." Well, that's a catch-22! How do you get the experience without that first chance, the involvement?

Maybe you've even applied to a Rails class, but couldn't quite meet their course prerequisites for admission. They're looking for at least a minimum level of technical proficiency and again some amount of experience.

Ruby Immersion is designed with you in mind. Ruby is a modern, state-of-the-art programming language which wraps elegance, simplicity, and expressive power together with object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, but without losing sight of practical, imperative and procedural programming styles. It's a language that you can become proficient with and productive in very quickly. And coding Ruby is fun, because you can get powerful results with reasonable effort, discipline and investment!

At Ruby Immersion, you will receive a solid beginner-to-advanced grounding in the Ruby programming language, set into the context of practical examples and real-world use-cases. This is a hands-on, immersive approach -- no long, boring lectures which result in pages of write-only notes. You'll have plenty of time to experiment with the language, and to pursue your own pet mini-projects. You'll be working with your peer classmates on collaborative projects, and above all, you'll have fun working together and developing new friends. And hey! This all counts as at least entry-level experience.

You know that there's no magic bullet here, no guarantees. But you have to start with that first step of a journey and your spouse and family are depending on you. We want the Ruby Immersion to be the very best first step that you can take.

You know that you need professional retraining and foundational preparation; and you know that you're certainly "smart enough." The prospects of getting involved in a creative, demanding and rewarding field both excite and motivate you. You know that a maybe Rails bootcamp is at least one step towards success. Wouldn't the Ruby Immersion, with foundational skills and multiple paths to a wider array of outcomes (including Rails positions) make even more sense?