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To the Staff Programmer

Top software coders -- your colleagues in the industry -- all agree that it's important to learn one new programming language per year. How's your own personal recent track record? What new language did you learn last year?

Feel bogged down in the legacy code maintenance grind? You could go months without seeing another line of COBOL, FORTRAN, C or Pascal (pick your least favorite) -- maybe for as long as you live! Right? The endless grind of "support issues," bugs, break/fix and confrontational meetings with clueless users is taking you to the edge of burn-out... maybe you're already there.

Ruby Immersion is designed with you in mind. Ruby is a modern, state-of-the-art programming language which wraps elegance, simplicity, and expressive power together with object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, but without losing sight of practical, imperative and procedural programming styles. It's a language that you can become proficient with and productive in very quickly. And coding Ruby is fun, because you can get powerful results with reasonable effort, discipline and investment!

At Ruby Immersion, you will receive a solid beginner-to-advanced grounding in the Ruby programming language, set into the context of practical examples and real-world use-cases. This is a hands-on, immersive approach -- no long, boring lectures which result in pages of write-only notes. You'll have plenty of time to experiment with the language, and to pursue your own pet mini-projects. You'll be working with your peer classmates on collaborative projects, and above all, you'll have fun working together and developing new friends.

At a minimum, you'll return -- refreshed -- to your work with new ideas and hands-on experience with open source tools, including: modern text editors (Atom and/or Sublime Text), collaborative repositories (git/GitHub), foundation operating system (Linux), insight into a wealth of Ruby Gems, together with proof of initial competency with Ruby itself.

And Ruby can be your gateway language into other related and extended technologies and languages, including Python and Perl, Erlang, Scala, Haskell, Go and more... Ruby's object-oriented and functional foundations are transferrable skills and knowledge to what's hot and relevant in modern software development disciplines; you'll be well prepared to take on any new challenges that come your way.