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Introduction to Ruby

Course Code: PRA2
Length: 5 days

Schedule and Registration

Course Description

This course builds on the first Ruby Academy week. We cover Ruby’s classes in depth, building from String handling methods to higher class abstractions. Ruby library and gems are examined in depth, with emphasis on practical, working code examples. We walk-through full-scale utility programs, so that students begin to appreciate what a complete programming solution actually entails. Techniques for debugging Ruby code are introduced, together with the approaches to unit testing and test-driven development (TDD).

Who Should Attend

The Ruby Academy is designed for software developers, technologists, system administrators, devops and site reliability engineers, data scientists, and others who need to solve problems with code and scripts. Ruby Academy is ideal if you want to:

  • Learn a modern functional, object-oriented language
  • Add Ruby to your programming language repertory
  • Become more productive using a dynamic scripting language
  • Start building the foundation of a new technical career with Ruby
  • Pivot your career into Ruby software development
  • Improve your problem solving abilities using Ruby as an exemplar
  • Experience agile, team-oriented programming techniques


Ruby Academy students are not expected to be experienced software developers, but the Academy is not appropriate for absolute beginners in programming. We do expect each student to have a certain level of technical, computer-user competence.

  • Some level of exposure to and experience in writing programs, in any language. The general idea of writing software should not be a complete novelty to you..
  • Basic ability to type competently (keyboard skills beyond hunt-&-peck)
  • Experience with a text editor.
  • A level of comfort at the command line (bash).
  • An ability to think and execute with clarity and precision.

Each student is expected (encouraged) to bring his or her own Linux or Mac laptop computer (no Windows) for use in labs, exercises and projects.

Course Contents

Ruby in more depth
  • Strings and interpolation
  • Searching and substitutions
  • Numbers in depth
    • Numeric: Integer and Float
    • Fixnum
    • Bignum
    • Rational
    • Complex
Ruby library resources
  • File, Dir and IO methods
  • Time and Datetime methods
  • Kernel and Process methods
  • Hash and Array library methods
  • File, Dir and IO methods
  • String library methods
  • Numeric library methods
Intro to Ruby Gems
Building a command line interface
Configuration files with YAML
Debugging strategies
Test-driven development