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Ruby Programming Language Consulting

In keeping with PARSEC Group's company motto that "Our trainers consult... our consultants train", be assured that this also applies to our Ruby Programming Language consulting services. Our consulting services are custom tailored to meet your needs and environment.

Our Technical Consultants have expertise in over thirty (30) different programming languages, Ruby being only one of the latest, with deep involvement since 2006. They have an average of 35+ years of experience and involvement in software development and most of them have held leadership roles in modern, agile-based development teams.

PARSEC Group's Technical Consultants have each held senior/leadership programmer roles, working on software systems and applications such as:

  • High-performance, mission-critical relational database systems
  • High-security sign-on/login authorization components
  • Operating system device drivers
  • Manufacturing (micro-electronics) process control
  • Close tolerance measurement systems
  • Jail & prison records management systems
  • Real-time, 'round-the-clock operating system performance monitors
  • Business website design and development
  • Case management and incident tracking systems
  • Card-key access systems
  • Inventory control
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Inmate and personnel tracking and access control
  • Software development tools
  • Real-time/velocity telephone billing for services authorization
  • Business accounting and billing
  • Power grid (SCADA) monitoring
  • Operating system management automation tools and scripts

In particular, they have been working with Ruby and object-oriented programming language technologies since 2006, applying Ruby to real-world problems and opportunities in application areas beyond Rails and web development. Below is a sample list of the languages to which this experience and expertise extends:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • DCL
  • bash
  • SQL
  • Pascal
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • C
  • Macro-32

Ruby Programming Language Specific Consulting Services

Ruby Scripting for Systems Administration

The Ruby Programming Language is an excellent tool for system administration and management scripts, and PARSEC Group's Technical Consultants have many years of task scripting experience in Ruby (and other scripting languages, which only broadens their scope of expertise).

Because of the powerful way with which Ruby interfaces with its host operating system (via Kernel class methods and a powerful interface to the native command line), we've developed multi-platform Ruby sys-admin scripts (e.g., one task-script for both OpenVMS and Linux) which detect their host and generate the correct command syntax for that operating system shell (command line).

Our scripting repertory includes:

  • Monitoring and detection for zombie/runaway processes, including controlled, interactive process termination
  • Disk and file backup and restore processing
  • Display and management of memory-resident bash functions
  • Intelligent concatenation/merging of application-specific (for instance, audio) files
  • Fast file comparisons, blended with version review tools
  • Sophisticated and user-friendly command line syntaxes
  • Alternative directory listing utility
  • Cross-platform command and functional emulators

Have some ideas or need for some sophisticated or unusual scripting tasks? Let our Technical Consultants work with you to determine if Ruby is a viable alternative to the more traditional and native tools on OpenVMS, Linux, UNIX, Mac or Windows. 

Porting and Migrating Ruby Applications

Whether it's time to scale up that business-critical Ruby application, or time to move it to better, faster, bigger hardware, or even to deploy it into the cloud (hosted services), you may need additional expertise and manpower to get the job done right.

With decades of experience on multiple platforms and with multiple programming languages and environments, our PARSEC Group Technical Consultants have the technical and practical expertise to make a difference. And not only can we augment your own team with expertise and experience, we can also provide valuable objective and outside-viewpoint perspective on such issues as:

  • Ruby source code evaluations, reviews and assessments
  • Ruby code migration to another platform
  • Scaling up your Ruby application to the cloud and/or managed service platforms such as Heroku, Rackspace, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, etc.
  • Ruby application revisions, evolutions, extensions and enhancements

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